Sierra KeyIin Jewelry is a one woman studio based in Joshua Tree, California. Working from my home studio,  I build each piece by hand, using recycled silver and 18k gold, and one of a kind stones. 

Before we made the move to the desert in 2016, my wife and I lived in Honolulu, where I learned the basics of silversmithing in a class at the Honolulu Museum of Art, it was love at first strike of the hammer.  Since then I've been teaching myself along the way with a lot of practice, experimentation, trial and error...not to mention a decade of literal blood, sweat and sometimes tears. 


Inclusion and sustainability matter to me.  I believe jewelry has no gender, and that everyone should have access to rings, bracelets, and necklaces that fit them the way they'd like.  That's why I offer an endless range of ring sizes, multiple sizes for cuffs, and the option to have necklace chains made in any size you'd like. 


  Balance, movement, simplicity, and weight...Elements I have always loved in the vintage silver jewelry I've collected, find their way to my work.  A substantial piece of silver, the soft texture that comes with years of love and wear, the weight and feeling of the metal against the skin.  All of these things inspire me endlessly.