One of a Kind Necklaces

A little collection of one of a kind necklaces landed in the shop, and they are among my favorite things I've ever made.  The stones in this group are really something, especially the "rainbow" of Malachite in the first piece below.


The weight of this one is really something.  The Malachite is a thick slice, cut from a stalactite and then cut in half to resemble a reminds me of growth rings on a tree. I framed the stone in a simple oxidized silver setting,  a tassel of chains hangs below, finished off with softly textured leaves.

Ocean Jasper, one of my all time favorite deep shades of green, with little yellow markings.  I love this stone.

These pieces were designed and built with movement and music in mind.  The layers of dangling chain swing gently as you go about your business, and the silver leaves and bits at the ends make soft music when they jingle against each other.  I've always loved a lariat style necklace, and these take it to another level by adding multiple lengths of chain hanging from below the stones.

A long skinny oval of vintage turquoise, set horizontally to really accentuate the shape...this one has a light quality to it while not skimping on the silver details.  It has that same presence and scale as the others but not quite as big or heavy as the ones above.

Cortland Dendritic Turquoise, in beautiful shades of green.

Another favorite, Dendritic Opal...reminds me of a snowy winter scene.  This piece has a smaller and more delicate scale, but still has the weight and size that I love.  

This last one is different than her sisters in this group.  A turquoise collectors necklace, with rare and extremely vibrant green Pixie mine turquoise, and Kingman turquoise...this one was really hard not to keep for myself.

I has so much fun making these pieces, and playing around with proportions and just the right asymmetry with lengths of chain and dangles on the ends.  These necklaces are perfectly imperfect, filled with movement and charm, and of course are inspired by the stones themselves. 

In the shop now.

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