Mojave Collection

Over the past year I've been building a collection of pieces that are the perfect combination of simple shapes, balance, movement, and soft texture.  Inspired by the weight and feeling of some of my favorite pieces of vintage silver jewelry. 
I've been "test driving" the prototypes of most of these pieces for months now
and I love wearing them.  They've become part of my jewelry uniform, the earrings I reach for everyday, the ring I love so much I wear it by itself instead of piling on a whole bunch of other rings with it, and possibly my all time favorite necklace I've made.
Each piece is made individually by hand, forged from sterling silver, with countless hammer blows, to shape and texture the metal.  The surface takes on the markings of the techniques used to create the piece, and catches the light beautifully.



I wanted to create a family of pieces that feel good when you put them on, the weight of the silver on the skin, the way the soft textures catch the light, they're the ones you want to wear everyday.  It's a great example of simplicity being more than the sum of its parts.  A heavy piece of silver, with a beautiful soft texture, and a simple classic shape is so satisfying. I use a lot of colorful stones in my work, and of course I will continue to do that and build amazing one of a kind pieces with these stones. Consider this my take on classic standalone silver jewelry.  These pieces can mix well your favorites, and be a solid addition to your jewelry collection.


Moonrise necklace in small and large.

The earrings...each one like a little sculpture for your ear. 

Arroyo Earring

Mesa Earring

Oasis Earring

Dune Earring

Canyon Earring

One of the things I'm always drawn to when I'm at the flea market or shopping for vintage online, is a good heavy silver cuff bracelet.  I have a few in my personal collection that I wear all the time.  They're great solo or stacked up like crazy in bunches.  I made these cuffs from heavy silver stock, and infused them with soft lovely texture, ranging from a hammered texture, to a soft liquidy-molten silver on the Contour Cuff.


Plateau Cuffs

Contour Cuff

Square Hammered Cuffs

And now for the rings...

Forged by hand from heavy weight silver, like a metal hug for your finger. 

Available in three styles.

Coil Rings

The small and the medium styles stack well together to create a fourth option, you can also stack the small and medium styles in pairs for another style.

I will have a small stock on hand and when that sells through, I'll be offering these pieces made to order.  One last note...In an effort to be size inclusive and make my work available to absolutely anyone who wants to wear it, I'm offering a wide range of sizes for all of these pieces.  Rings, bracelets, and chain lengths for necklaces will be listed for you to choose from, and also be customizable if necessary at no additional charge. 

Thanks for being here!





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