Around Here

Summertime is here.
I'm up early to be in the studio before it becomes unbearable to be in there, the heat of the day creeping through the thin walls and becoming too much for my AC unit to mitigate.  She does a good job, but when its been over 102 for more than a few days, she can only work so hard.
I'm feeling filled up with inspiration and drive to bring these ideas to life.  A lovely feeling that will hopefully hang around a while.  A creative life is teaching me that I need to remember what these highs feel like in my bones, so that when things swing back the other way, (as they always do) I can bottle up this feeling and call on it to keep my head above water until the next round of creative high shows up.
Stay cool out there friends, and if you live near a body of water or not in the desert be extra grateful for your summer lives!!!! I'll be thinking of you out there getting your toes wet in the river, creek, lake, pond or whatever body of water you've got.

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