Every piece of jewelry that comes out of my studio is made with my own two hands, guided by years of self taught exploration of this craft, and my desire to create unique pieces that you will feel connected to.  There are no assistants, project managers, marketing associates, business managers, or social media experts.  Being a one woman show is something I'm very proud of, and I hope my passion and desire to create something truly unique comes through. All of my work is built from from recycled sterling silver stock materials.  That means every shape you see is cut by hand with a jeweler's saw from sheets of silver, or forged from different gauges and shapes of wire.  Stones are set in hand built bezel settings, ear wires and clasps are also made one at a time from scratch in my studio.  The process of building a piece of jewelry is rarely linear for me.  I am most often inspired by the materials themselves, whether starting with a beautiful natural stone, or a simple piece of wire.  The making of this work is built on the tactile experience of shaping the metal, and as I sit at my bench, using my tools to move, and manipulate the metal, deigns are born and come to life with blood, sweat and sometimes tears.